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1998 Rexhall Vision for Sale : $19,900 OBO


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We have a 27' Rexhall Vision Class A Motorhome for sale (Photos). This RV is on a 1999 Ford 6.8L Triton V-10 Chassis (Specs) with Banks Powerpack system. It has 71K miles and is in excellent condition. On 11-22-2010 I had the Las Vegas Ford Truck Service Center do a Multi-Point inspection (See Report) which included brakes, tires, belts, hoses, and other systems. All items were rated in the green (checked and OK).

This RV is a single owner, non-smoking, non-pet, very clean unit. It has always been stored in a covered space (out of the sun) and has always had 1 to 2 exterior details a year (notice the reflections off the side walls in the photos). The unique floorplan, which only uses 6' of coach for the bedroom and bathroom, provides living space that only some 32' and larger models can achieve. This, along with the large windows, results in a very open and roomy coach in a small 27' package.

We bought this unit to primarily visit our National and State parks. The 178" wheelbase allows for easy maneuvering (I can make a complete U-Turn from where it is parked in the photos) while still providing a good wheelbase-to-length ratio (the larger the ratio, the better the handling). This, coupled with no slides, results in a coach that can get into campgrounds and sites that longer coaches cannot. If you want to experience the beauty of our National Parks but don't want to sleep on the hard ground in a cold tent, this is the RV for you!

On the other hand, this is a Class A in "prestine" condition (in the words of our RV Dealer) which means you can stay in the nicest and most luxurious RV resorts in the country. We have stayed in places like Newport Dunes in Newport Beach Ca, Crown Villa in Bend OR, and Outdoor Resorts in Oregon and Arkansas on many occasions.

This motorhome has many Standard and Optional Manufacturer features (see Rexhall Brochure for complete list):

In addition to the manufacturer features, this Motorhome also has these features:


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