Cleomene Nelli, Italian Sculptor
Cleomene Nelli graduated from the Academy of Arts and Trades in Rome, Italy. At the age of twenty-two, he won the Prix de Rome with his Whisper of Love, a statue

News2.jpg (353684 bytes)depicting a mother and child. He also won a gold medal for excellence in his work, and later studied with Rodin in Paris. Coming to the United States, he opened a studio in Dallas, Texas. He later moved his studio to Los Angeles, California, where he died in 1958.

In addition to religious pieces and private commissions, Nelli developed a unique style of sculptured decorative tile which he worked into tables, wall plaques, and scenes in tile. All of his molds are handmade and each tile is cast and painted by hand.

When Mr. Nelli died, we were able to buy most of the contents of his studio, including the molds, his sculpture tools for clay, the kiln, some of the books he used for subject reference, as well as most of the tile work in progress.

The collection has been stored since we acquired it in the late 1950's.

Packing List

When the collection was acquired, the tools, molds, work in progress, and

News2.jpg (353684 bytes)supplies were all inventoried, photographed, and boxed. The details of each part (number of parts, molds, etc.) were written down with each photograph. There is a notebook with all the photographs and notes.

As the parts were boxed, a packing list was created, listing the parts, size of box, and weight. There are a total of 60 boxes with a total weight of approx. 725 lbs.

Click here to see the Packing List.

Inventory List

The Inventory List is an attempt to put all the information from the photographs and Packing List into one, easy to use web page. Since there is such a large number of parts, the inventory web page breaks the inventory into several group types. Within each group type, are indivual parts (sometimes with different variations) with details from the original photographs and inventory lists.

Note, in the process of scanning all the photographs, the unpainted Bisque parts were a little "over-processed" to bring out the relief details in the parts, which also gave them an unrealistic orange color.

Click here to see the Inventory List.


Other Inventory Items

Not all items from the studio were photographed. Since the Inventory List, above, is based on the photographs, not all items in the collection are on that list.

In addition to the above list are:

     -  Two boxes of powdered ceramic colors from the Nelli Studio
     -  Two boxes (28 pcs) of plain 6" bisque tiles (Square or Round is unknown)
     -  One box of corner tile pieces
     -  One box of tools for clay modeling
     -  Several boxes of parts that did not fit into the other group types and were
        not included.


Every effort has been made to be sure the Inventory List is as accurate as possible. The original notes and packing lists have been checked several times as to part quantities, sizes, and packing. But there is no guarantee that the Photograph Notes, Packing List, or Inventory List is 100% accurate.


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